Reiplinger® Kanalöffnungsstanze PS Kö

Press cut to open the driving rod channel at the mitre

Reiplinger® Kanaloeffnungsstanze PS KÖ - Reiplinger GmbH & Co. KGDescription:
  • Right / left usage
  • Corresponds to CE according to DIN EN 294
    (Passing through Openings)
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Integrated manual control
  • Free Workbench mounting
  • Allows workflow oriented positioning
  • Mounting possibility to Reiplinger® machining workbench

Reiplinger® Kanaloeffnungsstanze PS KÖReiplinger® Kanaloeffnungsstanze PS KÖ

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pdfReiplinger® Kanaloeffnungsstanze PS KÖ

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